editorial and documentary photography

This is a small sample of my recent editorial work as a freelance photographer on self-assigned subjects, events and locations around the world and in the San Francisco bay area where i am based.­

It's a bit hard to make a short selection among my very varied portfolio of more than 10,000 images (plus many more on film, not yet scanned), but that should give you an idea of my work.­

If you are interested to dig deeper, each photo has a title, caption and tags, and from the photo page you can access the other photos from each series.­ A number of those photos have been licensed and published.­

I have also done some work on subjects that are too "contentious" to be put on flickr, such as my (in)famous series on eating dog meat (flickr threatened to cancel my account because of those images, so I had to remove them).­ If you have a strong stomach, you can view this series on dog-meat.­net .­