camino del rey - el chorro gorge (spain)

Photos of the Camino del Rey, a vertiginous and very dangerous trail in a very steep canyon called Desfiladero de los Gaitanes (or El Chorro Gorge), in southern Spain.­

This is a "No Trespassing" zone, officially closed to the public, but many climbers and hikers walk this trail every day despite its very poor condition and several fatal accidents in recent years.­

The pathway is equipped with a safety cable (via ferrata), so it is recommended to do it with a harness and safety ropes.­

The trail is made of slabs of concrete attached to a vertical cliff, about 100m (300ft) above the bottom of the canyon.­ There is no guard-rail and the concrete slabs are completely rotten, with gapping holes and entire sections missing.­

The trail follows an old aqueduct (now disused), and it is possible to walk back through the old aqueduct tunnel if you have a flashlight and boots (the aqueduct is pretty muddy per place).­

The easiest access to the southern part of the trail is from the wider part of the valley, which can be accessed from the south by walking along a railroad, Northbound, through several tunnels (also a No-Trespassing area - don't walk on the train bridges, they are too narrow with no safe space between train and bridge - instead, use the trails along the mountain to go from tunnel to tunnel).­ then after the last tunnel you need to go down a very steep embankment and cross the river, then go up toward the aqueduct.­ There is an old structure that can be seen, like a little house, near the aqueduct.­

The direct access to the southern part of the trail, from south of the narrow gorge, requires some climbing gear and climbing experience.­ Most of the trail is equipped with a safety cable, and it can be done without climbing equipment, but a harness and safety line are strongly recommended.­

The north part of the trail, that reaches the dam north of the gorge, is in very poor conditions and was not equipped with a safety cable when i was there.­ Entire sections of the trail have collapsed, and you need to have rope and be an experience climber to do this part.­

For more information about the Camino del Rey near El Chorro (Spain), read en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Caminito_­del_­Rey

Went last yr. amazing place. Off again july
was inside tunnel many years ago when a train decided to appear and we all had to lie on floor of tunnel until train had passed very scary episode be sure you can cross bridges before a train appears very dangerous area
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