mining photography

Photographer Tristan Savatier has done a lot of photography in mines, underground quarries, railway tunnels and construction sites.­ Those are challenging environments.­ Tristan knows how to capture powerful and inspiring images in underground mines, open-pit mines, and large construction sites, and around heavy machinery and the men and women operating them.­

With the years, Tristan Savatier acquired a solid experience as a respected industrial, underground and mining photographer, and he is now available for assignments.­

Tristan's photography is represented by Getty Images and by Construction Photography (in London).­

If you have an industrial photography assignment that involves shooting in a mine or on a construction project in the US, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, don't hesitate to contact Tristan Savatier /­ Loupiote Photography for rates and availability.­

Tristan is based in San Francisco, California, but he will travel to industrial, construction or mining sites all over the world.­