pine ridge trail

Photos of a 3 day, 20 Mile (32 Km) trek on the Pine Ridge Trail to the Sykes Hot Springs, in the Vantana Wilderness near Big Sur (California).­

I did this trek with my friend Sharon.­

california coast near big sur california coast near big sur variable checkerspot butterfly big sur river - vantana wilderness tree bridge jumping in redwood forest redwood forest climbing on a fallen redwood tree shredded redwood tree trunk tree hugger fallen redwood tree on trail fording a river whipping hair chinese girl in river standing on a cairn sharon holding a garter snake garter snake - thamnophis elegans coast gartersnake - thamnophis elegans garter snake - thamnophis elegans blue jay trunk of fallen redwood fallen redwood tree walking on fallen redwood tree crossing a tree bridge backpacker resting on tree trunk resting on fallen tree fallen tree on trail fallen redwood tree cutting through fallen redwood tree trunks big sur canyon trekker with walking stick trekking in the vantana wilderness (california) aquilegia formosa crimson columbine