playground in israel - T-34 tank

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Old Soviet T-34 85 tank (probably captured from Egypt in the 6 Days war in 1976) converted into a kid's playground (Israel)

I climbed inside the tank, and it's "fun", you can manipulate the controls to turn the gun turret!

That's what I call "culture of war"...

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I'm sure this T-34 feels good there. It was built to defend kids, not to kill them and now this veteran can even play with them :)
There are lots of T34/85s restored to their glory... as a tank historian I feel your pain, but I like this "memorial" to peace and the fruitless attempts to destroy the Nation of Israel. Let the children play on the dead monster that would kill them. And paint it's toenails bright colors and put a clown nose on its snout!
Juden - das ist Schwein!
somebody buy it and restore it to its former glory please