urban caver playing with a real human skull - "catacombes de paris" - catacombs of paris (off-limit area)

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Urban caver playing with human skull

Catacombs of Paris, about 20 meters (60 feet) underground, under Paris city center.­

This is a part of the 200 Km network of ancient tunnels not opened to the public, but regularly visited by trespassing urban cavers called "cataphiles".­ See more information in the album description.

Photo taken on December 28, 2007
Your looking to get bad mojo playing with the bones of the dead. Not, a smart idea. sorry dude.
That was so cool Im a big on that kined of thing I have manny difrent bone's such as an Anmole jow and an Anamole spine and the boem end wih the lag's and hip's and tale messing. my 17 yare old brother fowend the jow bown year's ago on a hick at the top of a monten. and I fowend the spine and a old shell by a rever in calgery. and I don't rember wher my brother was when he got the jow year's age I was farley yong then. but what I do rember is my brother and dad comeing home from a big hick and my brother giveing me the jow bow and saying he fowed it on top of a moten.