USS moctobi (ATF-105) and USS quapaw (ATF-110) - US navy ships - fleet ocean tugs - abandoned - richmond kaiser naval shipyard (near san francisco)

USS moctobi (ATF-105) and USS quapaw (ATF-110) - US navy ships - fleet ocean tugs - abandoned - richmond kaiser naval shipyard (near san francisco), abandoned, atf 105, atf 110, boat, decommissioned ship, kaiser shipyard, naval shipyard, ocean tugs, richmond shipyard number 3, rosie the riveter, trespassing, urban exploration, us navy, uss moctobi, uss quapaw

The USS Moctobi (ATF-105), now called "Lion", and USS Quapaw (ATF-110), now called "Tiger", are US Navy salvage ship aka Fleet ocean tugs (ATF).­

An ATF's duties is to provide towing, salvage and at times rescue operations for the fleet.­ Those are basically tow boats for disabled navy ships.­

Those two tugs are decommissioned and are now docked at the Richmond Kaiser Naval Shipyard (near San Francisco), awaiting either refit or scrapping.­

You can find more information about those ships on the websites below:

Photo taken on April 26, 2009
Location: 1319 Canal Boulevard, Richmond, CA 94804, USA
I am looking for more info and a model of the USS Quapaw. My Dad pasted on June 17 2012 and he was on this ship from 1946 to 1948.
The tug USS Quapaw sank at Richmond, Calif. in Nov '11, She is now back up. Still looks proud. She is now owned by the City of Richmond, Richmond Harbor as the old owners from Turkey walked away. The Harbor-master Michael Williams said both Quapaw and Moctobi are going to be scraped. He can be reached at Michael_Williams [email removed - click "Add a Comment" to view email] I wanted to acquire one or both to make static displays (floating museum) out of them for future generations to see the might of our great country, putting one in Mare Island, and one maybe in SF. It would be very easy and quick to preserve them for display as they are complete except for the 4 mains. The Harbor will not let them go, they want the scrap money. Please write the City of Richmond CA. and ask to stop the destruction and to give them to someone for preservation. How can we force the City Harbor to stop the scrap plans of such historic vessels? Some kind of injunction or law suit, a cease and desist order or request to halt activity? I don't know law, I was a CM. This must be stopped, this is an outrage to destroy such historic items. We must do something soon.