mondo spider on its trailer - burning man 2009

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Mondo Spider on its Trailer, ready to go home to Vancouver

This is a diesel-powered hydraulic mechanical spider.­ It weights about 1,600 lb.­

De-Inventing The Wheel - This ridable mechanical walking machine was designed by a team of artists and engineers as an industrial metal beast destined to rock Burning Man and the world of kinetic sculpture.­ Inspired by Vancouver Junkyard Wars, this giant hydraulic monster was hewn from steel with passion and precision.­ Call it robot.­.­.­ call it biomimicry.­.­.­ call it what you will.­.­.­ We call it.­.­.­ The MONDO SPIDER.­

It was originally shown at Burning Man 2006: Hope and Fear.­

For more information about this motorized spider, go to www.­mondospider.­com/­.

You can see a video I made of the Mondo Spider in action here: www.­youtube.­com/­watch?v=sLOVdo_­Qu3E

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2009 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).­

Photo taken on September 7, 2009
Location: Route 3:00, Black Rock City, NV, USA