bareback riding

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bareback riding

Teenager riding his horse bareback on the beach in Kuta (Lombok, Indonesia)

The guy was galloping very fast.­ He is riding bareback every evening on the beach.­ View this other photo of him riding his horse.

Some people mentioned that the horse seems underweight and malnourished, and that the rider is hurting the horse by pulling way too hard on the reins.­

bare feet
bareback riding
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horseback riding
September 30, 2011
Jalan Selong Balanak - Kuta, Pujut, Indonesia
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Let's all just take a breath. Yes, it's terrible riding. Yes, it's a kid with poor horsemanship on an unruly, underweight horse. He's also a teenager looking for attention. Didn't you ever do that? I did. Let's also take into account that it's Indonesia. Our ways of over-spoiling and over-training our Equine friends and overpaying for riding lessons are not their ways. Let's not go making assumptions that the horse has a skin disease when he's just wet. The horse looks young- I doubt you will see many overweight horses in this country. It will all be okay and life will go on. I don't like the photo or what it portrays, but I'll go give my horse an extra carrot and a hug tomorrow.
Wow- some of you people have no idea what you are talking about. First of all- yes, it does look like the kid is pulling to hard on the horses mouth, but what is the context? Was he trying to stop from a dead run? When i am running barrels, i have to pull quite hard in the alleyway to get my mare to stop (either that or run over the countless other riders who stand at the back of the alleyway and will NOT move). He is using a snaffle with no curb chain so the rider has absolutely NO leverage to get the horse to slow down. The horse looks fairly young also, but not close enough to the teeth to really tell. Second- the horse is a little thin, but look how he is built. He is not a stout QH type. I see no ribs, no hip bones, no protruding backbone, and the tailhead is not visible- nothing to indicate the horse is not being fed or cared for. His coat appears to be shiny. The "skin problem" mentioned looks like the horse's coloring. If anything, it could be dirt or some kind of oil that has attracted dust. It could be missing hair, but doesn't look like it to me. Flies can cause that especially if the animal is allergic to them and there is not a whole terrible lot that can be done for that aside from allergy shots and a fly blanket. They can still develop patches of missing hair. Also the hooves look to be well cared for- even and smooth as if he receives regular farrier service, although i would say the front toes look a tad long for my taste. Overall, although this is not a great picture, i do not believe the horse is not cared for and I think may people who have commented here think they are more knowledgeable than they actually are. JMO.
Totally agree with the other comments on here, he's not just pulling on his mouth he's sawing at those reins any rider with skill doesn't kneed to do that & I doubt the animal has any feeling left in its mouth at all.
This boy has no idea about horses or say this is 'amazingly good' is poor, clearly you yourself also know nothing about horses, horsemanship or riding.
Sorry but I don't call pulling so hard the horse looks like he's in pain to be "total control" My daughter rides bareback in nothing but a halter and reins and can run and control the horse with her legs and body. THAT is control.
Horse probably dies after this ride...he is underweight, looks like he has a skin problem probably manges, he is being yanked in the mouth and has a terrible rider bouncing on his back.....I hope this horse found a better home...He should not ride his horse that hard if he is is just wrong
God, this makes me to mad, the horse is underweight!!! And the rider is yanking on that bit WAYYYYY to hard, what the hell is wrong with this kid??? And the least he could do is not gallop a horse that is so unhealthy... And that kid has the worst seat
This horse is malnurished and the rider is yanking the bit so hard it's hurting the horse.I hope this horse is for sale so he can have an owner that isn't so stupid, careless and lazy.