facebook page of prophet muhammad

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Screenshot of the Facebook page of Prophet Muhammad (Founder of Islam).

This Facebook page is a fake, of course. That's a screen-capture I took from time-code 1:22 of this very funny video about Facebook:, created by "somegreybloke".

Note: Paul of Tarsus, also called Paul the Apostle, is the disciple of Jesus who was instrumental in founding Christianity as a new religion.

Richard "Lionheart" (a Christian King of England) and Saladin (a Muslim King, Sultan of Egypt and Syria) fought many religious wars.

Also note that Prophet Muhammad has no profile picture on his Facebook page (and 0 photos available), as Muslim people believe that there should not be any image of the Prophet. However there are a number of historical representations of Prophet Muhammad, as you can see by doing a google image search of Prophet Mohammed.