giant table and chairs - burning man 2015

giant table and chairs - burning man 2015, art installation, brobdingnag, burning man, chairs, chandelier, sculpture, table, white

Giant Table and Chairs

This is Brobdingnag, by InterArte.

From the Burning Man website: Brobdingnag is one of the countries Gulliver visited during his travels. It is the land of the giants. We want to recreate the situation of traveling to a foreign place where one has to reconstruct his ideas and thoughts of what is reality, how are things and objects really and how they appear.

The chairs will be so tall, they can only be climbed with the help of someone else. So people will have to come together, and support each other getting up and down. The stage like situation invites burners to interact and play with the environment, slip into the role of a child or a lilliput and with their own body, experience a different concept of size. In the presence of the giant table and chairs, the viewer will feel physically diminished and will be returned to the experiences of childhood adventure.

The sensation of being thrown off balance by the striking discrepancies in the scale of this setting is an invitation for people to think about existing structures in the default world

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Photo taken at the Burning Man 2015 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).