gooseneck of the colorado river near moab (utah)

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The Gooseneck of the Colorado River near Moab (Utah)

View from San Juan County Road 142 which is often mistakenly called "Potash Road" or "Shafer Trail.".

It looks like an island, but it's just a tight bend of the river.

Taken with a Fisheye lens.

Google Earth Placemark

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I am with red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L.o.L I went in september!!!!
This Colorado river is PRETTY!I LOVE this river,YOU SHOULD GO, too!
according to my classic moab trails map 1:50,000 scale , this photo is on the shafer road
yes, that's correct.
this is just below dead horse point where the car went over the cliff in "thelma and louise"
that's correct.
to reach this location you must drive on either the potash road or the shafer trail