hacienda san miguel ruins - batopilas - copper canyon (barranca del cobre, mexico)

hacienda san miguel ruins - batopilas - copper canyon (barranca del cobre, mexico), alexander shepherd, barranca del cobre, batopilas, hacienda san miguel, mexico, ruins

Ruin of the Hacienda San Miguel in Batopilas, in the "Copper Canyon" (Barranca del Cobre , Mexico)

Hacienda San Miguel was once home to Alexander Shepherd, influential civic leader of Washington, D.C., also known as the "Silver Mine Boss of Batopilas".

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Well both of you are wrong, all countries in this world has poor cities . Just go around of your neighborhood to will be found homeless and drug addicts, that is an reality sad in USA.
haha that's the most hilarious comment i have read so-far. there is a local minibus that goes to the town of Batopilar every day, as well as trucks. they do not "have food flown in via helicopter", they grow food locally, in fields and farm, like everywhere else in the region. yes, the road to Batopilas is a narrow, unpaved mountain road, but not a particularly dangerous one, i don't recall having any problem on it (i was driving a landcruiser). Of course, it is common on mountain dird roads to ask people to walk if there is a difficult passage. Most people in Batopilas use horses, not cars, and the other villages in the valley can only be reached by foot or horse. There are horses and mules in the streets, naturally. Of course the people that live there wash their clothes in the river, since they have no electricity nor washing machines. People do that everywhere in poor countries. Apparently the person who commented above had never been in a poor region before.
DO NOT VISIT THIS TOWN!!!! The most scared I’ve EVER been in my life was here! The road was about the exact width of our vehicle with a thousand foot drop to our right!!! The “shrines” along the sides of the road (the few places there are sides) are markers to remember loved ones that died on the road. We met a car on the road and had to back up over a mile to a place that would allow the other driver to pass… more than once we got out of the vehicle and walked so if the van went over the side we wouldn’t be in it!!! The people that live there have food flown in via helicopter. There are drugs and chop shops everywhere. The river is more of a sewer lagoon, and the people that live there wash their clothes in it!!! There were animals roaming the streets. We visited the “lost church” and a man living next to it chanted something in Spanish (our driver said he put a hex on us) then wrung a chicken’s neck and threw the head at us. I feel as though the church was not lost that the Christians abandoned it knowing there would never be any hope for Batopilas.