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My Squared Circles

Those have been submitted to flickr's Squared Circles group.

Only the spider submission was rejected (not circle enough?).

disco light ball, colorful, cororful, disco ball, disco light ball, night life, nightclubs
little girl in tube (thailand), child, fair, inner tubes, kid, little girl, river tubing, songkran, tha ton, thailand, สงกรานต์
huntsman spider on blue wall (thailand), blue, close up, giant crab spider, heteropoda venatoria, huntsman spider, sparassidae, thailand, wildlife, แมงมุม
sphere of fire, burning man, fire, night
electro-luminescent wire - EL-wire, blue, burning man, el-wire, glowing, night
shumen-mosque (bulgaria), arabian, islam, mosque, patterns, shumen, българия
christmas bauble with reflections, berlin, christbaumkugel, christmas ball, christmas bauble, christmas decoration, christmas ornament, potsdamer platz, weihnachten
turrialba - metal plate, cast iron, costa rica, metal plate, municipalidad de turrialba
ashtray - cigarette butts, cigarette butt, cigarettes, glass ashtray, smoking
nipple piercing with spike barbell, body jewelry, close up, nipple piercing, spike barbell, spiky barbell
metal sculpture - sphere of disks, abstract sculpture, disks, ironwork, metal sculpture, metalwork, modern art, sphere, spherical
coin operated binoculars, coin operated binoculars, coinop, eyes, look, optical, optics, sight, sightsee, sightseeing, telescope, view, vision
alex spinning fire poi (san francisco), circle, fire dancer, fire dancing, fire performer, fire poi, fire spinning, night, ring, shanti alex, spinning fire
eel soup, eel soup, foodstuff, klingon gagh, lang sơn, live, river eels, river fishes, slimy, street market, vietnam
rave lights - raver spinning LED-lights, glowing, led lights, lightshow, night, rave lights, raver outfits, spinning lights
hermandad de los servitas - crowned heart pierced by seven daggers - semana santa en sevilla, crown, crowned, daggers, easter, hermandad de los servitas, knifes, love, nazarenos, red, semana santa, seven, sevilla, symbol, symbolism
fixie - fixed gear bike sprocket and chain, bicycle chain, bicycle gear, bicycle sprocket, blue, fixed gear bike, fixie bike, golden color, track bike, yellow
fixed gear bicycle wheel - fixie, bicycle wheel, blue, chain, fixed gear bike, fixie bike, track bike
german wheel at burning man 2004, burning man, german wheel, night, rolling, upside-down, woman