kelambu beach (borneo) - 14 photos

Photos of Kelambu Beach (Borneo)

Kelambu is a Tied Island covered by small rain forest, connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of white sand called a tombolo (a particular type of shoal connecting the mainland to an island). On each side of the shoal, two beautiful desert beaches and very calm, blue sea water.

Kelambu is truly a beautiful secluded beach, hard to reach and far away for the nearest village. I decided to spend one night on that desert beach.

In the night, a couple of local guys came on a motorbike with snorkeling gear, waterproof flash lights and fishing spearguns. They swam out from the beach and did their night spear-fishing for an hour or so. They came back with a lot of fish in their nets!

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Kelambu is a perfect example of a Tied Island connected to land by a tombolo. You can read more about the landforms here: