wild himalayan goats - 18 photos

Photos of a herd of wild long-haired Himalayan goats (India).

This herd of wild mountain goats decided to take a break and lie down on the warm asphalt of a remote mountain road in the late afternoon.

They looked great with their long fleece, and they were not shy (they do not have much natural predators).

So I stayed with them for a while and tried to take good photos, until they decided to go back up in their mountain.

The herd had about 40 or 50 animals of all ages. They were definitely wild, but they are of the domestic goat species (Capra aegagrus hircus). I do not think that they are feral i.e. domestic animals returned to the wild.

I think those may be the Pashmina (also called Changthangi) breed of long haired Himalayan goats.

Please post a Comment is you know more about those Himalayan wild goats.