naga sadhus performing stick trick - kumbh mela 2013 festival (india)

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Naked Sadhu (Hindu holy man) with his penis wrapped around a stick, holding another Sadhu, at the Kumbh Mela 2013 Hindu festival near Allahabad (India).­

This is a trick popular among the Naga [naked] Sadhus.­ Sometimes they use a sword instead of a stick.­

Kumbh Mela is the largest festival on Earth, taking place once every 12 years, with more than 50 million Hindu pilgrims gathering to pray and bathe in the holy Ganges river.­

Thousands of Naga Sadhus (naked Hindu Holy men, with their bodies covered with ritual Vibhuti holy ash) and Hindu devotees gather on the bank of the Ganges river to take the Holy Dip.­ Also called Naga babas, those naked sadhus are wanderers with no possessions.­

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Kila Marg, Kumbh Mela Area I, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211005, India