Антонов Ан-2 - antonov an-2 cockpit - crop duster - Баск - bask air - skylink (bulgaria)

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Abandoned Antonov An-2 spray plane (Bulgaria).­ Tail number LZ-1102.­

I found this old spray plane parked on an abandoned military air field north of Plovdiv.­ The abandoned airfield has since been converted into a car racing circuit Kaloyanovo.­

This good old plane was later spotted in Agades (Niger) in 2007 where it was sadly involved in a ground mishap with another similar Antonov An-2 (AIST-2) that overturned in a Sandstorm.­.­.­ (the Antonov wasn't anchored).­ See photos here:

Баск - Bask Air AD ( baskair [at] abv.­bg ) is a Bulgarian civil air company.­ It specializes in providing air emergency services, crop dusting and other aerial services.­ According to this website, the Company owns 4 Antonov An-2 planes, but now, 2 of them have been seriously damaged in Niger (see above).­

This photo is part of my България - Bulgaria series.

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Kaloyanovo Municipality, Bulgaria