Агробиохим - Стара Загора - agrobiochim abandoned plant - stara zagora - chemical plant (bulgaria)

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Агробиохим - Стара Загора
Abandoned Agrobiochim chemical plant near Stara Zagora (Bulgaria).­

When it was active, this plant used to produce ammonia, nitrogen fertilisers, plastics, caprolactam and silicon dioxide for rubber and pharmaceutical industries.­

Tons of nitrates, asbestos, dioxins and other dangerous chemicals are just sitting there.­ This is an environmental disaster and no-one wants to pay for the clean-up (Agrobiochim was a semi-state-owned company that got bankrupt).­

After taking those photos I got arrested for trespassing by some sort of Bulgarian Military Police.­ After an afternoon of interrogation at the Stara Zagora Police station, I was released and no charges were filed.­

Before letting me go, the police chief told me: "if anything blows-up in this country, we'll be looking for you" !

This photo is part of my България - Bulgaria series.

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

hello. i live in the near. is there any danger ? thx