ledenika-cave - ice lingam (burgaria)

Ice formation in Ledenika cave near Vratcha (Bulgaria)

Local people say it's an image of the Virgin Mary.­ If it was in India, they would say it's a Shiva Lingam, like a similar formation in the Amarnath Cave in Kashmir.­

caving ice cave ice linga ice lingam ice stalagmite ledenika natural cave shiva lingam spelunking vratcha България

Those are the best of the 1200 photos I took during an unforgettable 3-week trip in Bulgaria in May 2004, with my friend Susie.­ Some photos have been digitally converted to black-and-white.­

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CAn u please give some more information about the cave and lingam.....is it forming every year or occasionally?and are they allowing inside the cave ? please help!!!