penny the goose - burning man 2015

penny the goose - burning man 2015, art, bird, canada goose, coins, metal, pennies, sculpture

Penny the Goose, by Mr and Mrs Ferguson

From the Burning Man website: Landing on the Black Rock Desert is a 12 foot tall Canada Goose.­ Her feathers reflect the sun by day and ground illumination at night.­ Feathers that are made up from shades of both Canadian and American pennies.­ The attraction is in being drawn in by the illusion of pennies being feathers.­

The year marks the return of this sculpture which made it’s debut in 2013 at Burning Man with only Canadian pennies on it’s back.­ This year, Penny has been redesigned and will have American pennies on it’s front side.­

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2015 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).­

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Burning Man 2015 Burning Man
Black Rock City, Nevada, USA