crypt - "collège des bernardins" - gothic architecture - stone vaults - monastery (paris)

Collège des Bernardins - Gothic Architecture - Crypt - Stone Vaults - Cistercian Monastery (Paris)

The style of the vaults of the cellar (seen in this photo) seems Romanesque but the architecture of this medieval building is Gothic.­

Stan Parry wrote: 1248 is over 100 years after the birth of Gothic at Saint-Denis and Sens.­ The crypt is heavy in order to support the building, but the ribbed vaults, if they are original, a are probably much later.­ The round columns are deceptive, in that they were used in Romanesque architecture, but it looks like the side arches are pointed.­ The upper part is clearly Cistercian Gothic.­

The cellar now holds auditoriums and conference rooms.­

architecture cellar cistercian collège des bernardins crypt gothic medieval monastery paris stone vaults
24 Rue de Poissy, 75005 Paris, France

Collège des Bernardins (Paris)

The College dates from 1248 (start of the works) and is an outstanding example of Cistercian architecture.­

Universities – Bologna, Paris, Oxford, Cambridge, Heidelberg.­.­.­ - had just started to take over the role of intellectual centers from monasteries.­ The Cistercians were encouraged to go to Paris and this was the reason for the creation of the College, where the monks, teachers and students lived and worked.­ Most of the University education took place in different Colleges.­

The College was active for some four centuries, but of course the French Revolution changed things.­ The building became a prison (another one!), later a salt warehouse and from 1845 to 1995 served as a fire brigade station.­ In 2001 it was bought by the Paris Diocese and completely renovated, to become a catholic artistic and cultural centre.­

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