portable steam engine - monument - uyuni (bolivia)

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One of the many railroad monuments in Uyuni (Bolivia).­

This is a Marshall single cylinder portable steam engine made in Gainsborough, England.­ Although it's termed a portable steam engine, it has no method of propelling itself so it would be pulled by a team of horses or oxen.­ They were used for running threshing machines, saw benches, mills & in the case of Asia were used within the sugar industry for running equipment (thanks for escortmad79 for this information).­

For more information about Marshall portable steam engines, read en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Portable_­engine and en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Marshall,_­Sons_­%26_­Co.

Uyuni used to have the largest train yard in Bolivia, at the time where steam trains were a primary mode of transportation.­ Now the train lines in Bolivia are falling into disrepair and few trains still run (very slowly) on the old tracks.­ The Uyuni train yard is mostly abandoned, and Railroad Monuments like this one all around the city are reminders of its glorious railroad past.­

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