california coast near big sur

The rugged California coast near Big Sur.­

Most beaches are very hard to reach, as they are surrounded by steep cliffs.­ Most of this coast is protected from development.­

Photo taken during a 3-day trek on the Pine Ridge trail to the Sykes Hot Springs in the Vantana Wilderness, near Big Sur (California)

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28400-28426 Cabrillo Hwy, Carmel, CA 93923, USA

Jump Shots - Photos of people while they are jumping.­

They seem to be levitating or floating effortlessly in the air.­

Photos of a 3 day, 20 Mile (32 Km) trek on the Pine Ridge Trail to the Sykes Hot Springs, in the Vantana Wilderness near Big Sur (California).­

I did this trek with my friend Sharon.­