shoemaker repairing shoe

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Mien Yao/­Dao tribe shoemaker fixing a shoe - 縫紉機 - 缝纫机 - Máy may công nghiệp - Sewing Machine (Mèo Vac, Vietnam)

If you know the name of this type of Chinese-made sewing machine, please post a Comment or email me.­

The shoe he is fixing was so old and used that I could not believe it was worth fixing.­ But for the tribe people, fixing old shoes is worth it, since it costs only a couple of cents, while a new paire costs probably close to one dollar.­

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Tribe people of Northern Vietnam "Mien Yao/Dao" Tribe (Vietnam) Vietnam (Việt Nam)
Route 4B, Mèo Vạc District, Ha Giang, Vietnam