"kim mun lantien sha" tribe celestial crown - yao/­dao tribe woman's headdress detail - vietnam

"kim mun lantien sha" tribe celestial crown - yao/dao tribe woman's headdress detail - vietnam, asian woman, bảo lạc, decoration, dzao, dzao tribe, engraved, engraving, headwear, hill tribes, indigenous, metal, people, plate, relief, repousse, repoussé, yao tribe, zao tribe

"Kim Mun Lantien Sha" Tribe silver celestial crown - Yao/­Dao tribe woman's headdress detail (Bảo Lạc, Vietnam)

You can find more information about the "celestial crown" headdress worn by women of the "Kim Mun Lantien Sha" Dao/­Yao Tribe in the album description.

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Route cầu, Bảo Lạc, Bao Lac District, Cao Bang province, Vietnam

The Kim Di Mun in Laos wear their celestil crown completely wrapped in a pink cloth, with only the pin ornaments holding it in place. See my photographs on the Lanten wedding in ban nam Lue, Laos : [url removed - click "Add a Comment" to view url]...