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Tribe woman with bloody lips (caused by chewing betelnut), and blackened teeth, a cultural and traditional sign of beauty (Bảo Lạc, Vietnam)

Betelnut ("cau" in Vietnamese) is is the fruit of the Areca tree.­ It is wrapped with a "lá trầu" leaf (a different tree) and chewed for its exhilarating lift.­ Betel quids chewing has been claimed to produce a sense of well-being, euphoria, heightened alertness, sweating, salivation, a hot sensation in the body and increased capacity to work.­

Just like alcohol, tobacco, coffee and sakau, betelnut is a culturally-approved psychoactive drug.­

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Diu Nghiem wrote: Her blackened teeth was NOT caused by chewing betelnut and betel leaf but by using some special chemical.­ Blackening tooth chemical is usually natural material which varies from the North to South of Vietnam.­ The process might take a couple of day in order to get the perfect shiny black.­

Men and women did that because of the same reason which caused other people whitening their teeth (they consider black teeth to be a sign of beauty).­ After the occupancy of France in Vietnam blackened teeth is not popular anymore.­

More information about the blackened teeth custom:
"Healthy Black Smiles" by Barbara Cohen

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Tribe people of Northern Vietnam Vietnam (Việt Nam)
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