"lo lo den" tribe kids - vietnam

"Lo Lo Den" Tribe kids (Vietnam)

black lo lo tribe children hill tribes indigenous kids little girl lo lo den tribe tribe girl
QL 4B, Niêm Sơn, Meo Vac District, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Photos of people from the "Lo Lo Den" (Black Lo Lo) Tribe (Vietnam).­

Thanks to Pamela A Cross from www.­tribaltextiles.­info for her help in identifying this tribe.­

The "Lo Lo" ethnic group's population was about 3,200 in 1989, according Vietnam's official survey data.­

They reside in Cao-Bang, Ha-Giang and Lao-Cai provinces, largely in the districts of Bao-Lac (Cao-Bang), Dong-Van and Meo-Vac (Ha-Giang), and Muong-Khuong (Lao-Cai).­ Like some other ethnoses in northern Viet Nam, the "Lo-Lo" have had their origin in southern China regions such as Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, who, according to historians and ethnologists, had established the Nam-Chien state by the end of the first millennium.­

You can find more information about the "Lo Lo" tribe on the "Vets with a Mission" website: www.­vwam.­com/­vets/­tribes/­lolo.­html

Photos from of my 30-day trip around Vietnam in November 2005.­

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