pilot fish art car - burning man 2013

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The Pilot Fish Art Car, by Dr Harry Adelson.­

Dr Harry Adelson wrote: This is my car, The Pilot Fish, 2013 was it's first year - we BARELY finished it in time.­ In fact, this picture was taken early in the week before we put in the teeth and spring-action jaw.­ The Pilot Fish lives in Park City, Utah.­ See you in 2014 - with some upgrades, of course.­

The Pilot Fish does not yet have a website yet, but you can contact Dr Harry Adelson through his clinic www.­docereclinics.­com.

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2013 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).­

Photo taken on August 26, 2013
Location: Route 6:00, Black Rock City, NV, USA
I'm very happy with how it came out - great picture, thanks