Anne Frank Poster - Desecrated

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Anne Frank Poster - Desecrated

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The Public Health Service Hospital (PHSH) is located in the Presidio of San Francisco. It has been rehabilitated into luxury condos housing in 2010, and it is now called "Presidio Landmark Apartments".

For more information about this place you can visit my PHSH page.

Date & GPS location
Photo taken on May 4, 2008
Hays, San Francisco, CA 94129, USA
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Mean mean mean. Why would people do this?
i can't believe how unrespectful the people who did that are! i cried when i seen this picture. we learned at school all the stuff that jews went through! we learned about the concentration camps that the jews went to, and it is horrible.
that is just sooooooooooooooooooo mean. why would u do such a thing
i like anne frank tow
That is just so mean. People should respect anne a lot more than this!!!
Who ever did this is just plain crazy.. this is truly disrespectful and rude. She went through a terrible life, and your going to really do this.??
I can obviously see how the community has no respect for this girl, for shame
what kind of sick, twisted person would do such a thing.? that is beyond disrespectful. you have no idea what kind of life she had, what kind of world she had to live in. what happened then was wrong, and you doing that shows you have NO respect for anyone or anything. you should feel ashamed of yourself for doing such a terrible thing.
HOW DARE YOU! that is so rude and disrespectful
Whoooo did this who soild this Anne Frank picture. Who ever you are who did this sleep soundly now becouse, this is the last peacefull you will Know from Now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
This is unacceptable. the person how did this is a disgrace to all
After all that Anne went through in her short life, to die the way that she did, and for someone to disrespect her memory in that manner is unforgivable! Whoever did it went ahead and pointed the arrow to their eternal resting place.
well honesty who ever did this has problems why would you mess with something like this how would you like that to be you picture
i am doing a story on anne frank and i like it she is a intersting gril
I don't think that the person who did this really knew who she was. but if he did then ok, it's very sick...
why would you do this to this well known picture,you have no idea what shes gone through
Nobody can hurt Anne any more like so many other incident people she is in Gods hands now.
who ever did that is such a bad person your sooooooooo sick who ever did this anne frank was killed in the holocaust and i bet u dont even care at all
who would do this? gosh, whoever did obviously is heartless, and sick in the freaking head! :(
I am offended that someone would do such a thing to such a well known picture!
you are right its very mean
That is just mean, Anne Frank is a girl who was killed. Whoever did this should feel bad it's not right.
This is exploit and i hate the guy or girl who drew on it. Pieces of crap why don't you put that art on your picture. Oh thats right you look like that naturally. :P jerks