Baby Swiftlet Birds in Madai Cave - Gua Madai (Borneo)

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Baby Swiftlet Birds in Madai Cave - Gua Madai (Borneo)

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Dying baby birds in the Madai Cave (Borneo).

During the Swiftlets edible bird's nest harvesting season, the guano on the ground of the cave is literally covered with young birds that just jumped off the nests but were not strong enough to fly away.

There are so many baby birds on the ground that it's almost impossible not to step on them. Most of those small birds will die (or get eaten by animals). The baby birds often congregate in small groups, maybe to get warmer or to get some comfort during their agony. It is very sad to see, but that's nature and nature can be cruel.

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Date & GPS location
Photo taken on August 15, 2011
Kampung Mostyn Lama, Sabah, Malaysia
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