Bats Wings Hanging - Bushmeat at Meat Market

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Bats Wings Hanging - Bushmeat at Meat Market

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Bats wings hanging at meat market in Manado - Sulawesi Island, Indonesia

This meat market was also selling dog meat.

In many areas of Sulawesi, fruit bats (Megabats, flying foxes) are the main source of meat. They are hunted and caught in the jungle by locals using just fishing lines and hooks or nets.

They are then sold as bushmeat in local meat shops. Apparently there are plenty of fruit bats in the jungle, so they are pretty inexpensive on the meat markets.

The bat wings are always sold separately from the body of the bat.

The fruit bats are singed with a blowtorch, to remove the hair from their body. They also singe the wings, I think to kill parasites that could be on the bat wing skin.

Bats carry all kinds of viruses including coronaviruses, but fruit bats do not carry the COVID-19 virus. However all bats can carry the lyssavirus (closely related to rabies) which can cause serious illness in humans. But the chances of getting infected by this bat virus are very small.

More info about fruit bats bushmeat:

Date & GPS location
Photo taken on March 14, 2016
Paslaten Satu, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
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