Beautiful Eye - Iris Freckles

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Beautiful Eye - Iris Freckles

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Zoey has some of the most beautiful eyes that i've ever seen.

Her other eye is here.

I think this eye color is hazel.

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Photo taken on April 27, 2008
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I WISH I had these eyes
I have the same eyes :D
your eyes are so much beautiful that i have ever seen
Omg. I got those eyes. I'm not lying. my email is eugenia_fiorela [email removed - click "Add a Comment" to view email] I can send you a picture if you don't believe me ;)
oh my gosh there like my eyes expect mine are more blue!!
I have a smaller brown middle and a more intense green round the outside with darker lashes and a few little spots speckled around xx
beautiful! i wish mine werent boring blue :(
My eyes are exactly same!the colours, the dots! everything!! :) brown-green-blue eyes :D
i have the same coloured eyes, but mine are more golden coloured ;)
I got the same too :) without the little row of dots too . :P It's like brown-yellow-orange in the middle, then green, then blue and finally grey around :)
hahha, mine are saaame :)
very excelent beautiful
OMG, I have the same eyes! Besides, my eyes are more gold in the middle, without the little row of dots. I am still not sure what kind of eyes I have, either Hazel, or blue.
those eyes are sprt of freakly but beautifull at the same time ! i wish i those kind of eyes.
gorgeous just gorgeous if you are a brunette then you woled be the PERFET WOMEN in my book... I LOVE YOUR EYE"S sooo beutyfull
very b'ful eyes put some makeup to look them more b'ful.
wish i had those purty eyes :D
absolutely gorgeous eyes i wish i had them xx
oooh so beautiful eyes <3 I have little bit same. i have brown in the middle and green and blue in the conor. :D ('::
so stunning! wonderful eye :D
OMG I have the same eyes but my green is a little duller than this photo
Wonderful :)
hello this is very beatiful
OMG theese eyes r so freaking awesome