Burning Man - 順風耳 - Shunfeng Er - Mazu Procession

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Burning Man - 順風耳 - Shunfeng Er - Mazu Procession

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Mazu, Goddess of the Empty Sea, is the Chinese patron goddess who protects seafarers, such as fishermen and sailors.

In front of Mazu, "With-the-Wind Ear" (順風耳 Shunfeng Er), one of Goddess Mazu's two guardians generals.

Procession of the Mazu crew, an all-Chinese camp with amazing art and a Brazilian drum marching band.

The members of the Mazu camp were all Chinese, mostly from Taiwan, with some coming from Hong Kong and Mainland China (PRC, aka People's Republic of China).

For more photos and info about the Mazu crew, go to the Mazu photo album.

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2016 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).

Date & GPS location
Photo taken on September 2, 2016
Black Rock City, Pershing county, Nevada, USA
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