cave centipede - thereuopoda longicornis

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Long-legged cave centipede - Thereuopoda longicornis.

They have 30 legs and poison claws. Local people say they can inflict painful bites.

Some people say those are Scutigera decipiens but i'm pretty sure that's incorrect. If you can confirm the exact species, please post a comment.

Spotted in Clearwater Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park (Borneo).

The Clearwater System is believed to be the largest interconnected cave system in the world by volume and the 9th longest cave in the world at 189 Km (as of 2011). For more photos, information and cave map, view my Clearwater cave photo series.

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you're welcome. i think that's the correct species name. it also took me a while to find it.
Seriously, for the long time, i been searching this species name since my last trip from Gunung Dato - Negeri Sembilan. Nice quality image. Now i can use it for my reference.