cow head - severed

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Freshly cut cow head in a meat market (Sapa, Vietnam)

Just remember this photo next time you order a hamburger!

Here is another photo with the rest of this cow in the same meat market.

i spent 2 months traveling around india. muslims people in india mostly eat goat. i have not seen a single butcher shop selling beef in india, so it's possible that some do eat beef, but it's definitely not common at all.
GO VEGAN and btw, most of the leather in europe and usa comes from india, and muslims also in india do eat beef... so in india cows are killed, on a lower scal yes but it happens
People eat beef also in the USA and in Europe. only people in India do not eat cows.
ahh. this is a disgrace why do people eat this it is sad. for all those countries korea, veitnam, china and all those countries related you should be ashamed. if i were you i whould be a vegetarian