Large Nullah in the Canyon before Pang - Manali to Leh Road (India)

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Large Nullah in the Canyon before Pang - Manali to Leh Road (India)

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Large Nullah in the canyon before Pang - Manali to Leh road (India)

Nullahs are water streams crossing over the road, usually near passes. They grow larger in the afternoon, with the sun melting the snow, and they can be dangerous.

This one is located in the beautiful canyon about 10 Km west of Pang (before Pang). Three heavy trucks got stuck in the soft gravel (behind, not visible on this photo), blocking the way for other trucks and causing a major traffic jam for trucks heading to Leh. The nullah is in front and I have already crossed it.

There was quite some water in the Nullah, but it was not a problem to cross with the motorbike. The soft gravel was harder to negotiate. The best way is to keep speed, but driving a heavy bike on unstable ground is quite hard.

We heard from a direct witness that the next day, a French guy tried to cross this Nullah when the water flow was much larger, and he got swept with his motorbike and fell into a nearbye waterfall. He was seriously injured or killed. If you know more about this accident, please post a comment.

Date & GPS location
Photo taken on June 12, 2009
Leh, Jammu and Kashmir, India
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