Portable Steam Engine - Monument - Uyuni (Bolivia)

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Portable Steam Engine - Monument - Uyuni (Bolivia)

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One of the many railroad monuments in Uyuni (Bolivia).

This is a Marshall single cylinder portable steam engine made in Gainsborough, England. Although it's termed a portable steam engine, it has no method of propelling itself so it would be pulled by a team of horses or oxen. They were used for running threshing machines, saw benches, mills & in the case of Asia were used within the sugar industry for running equipment (thanks for escortmad79 for this information).

For more information about Marshall portable steam engines, read en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_engine and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marshall,_Sons_%26_Co.

Uyuni used to have the largest train yard in Bolivia, at the time where steam trains were a primary mode of transportation. Now the train lines in Bolivia are falling into disrepair and few trains still run (very slowly) on the old tracks. The Uyuni train yard is mostly abandoned, and Railroad Monuments like this one all around the city are reminders of its glorious railroad past.

Date & GPS location
Photo taken on February 28, 2010
Av Ferroviaria, Uyuni, Bolivia
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