Pregnant Belly Piercing - Navel Piercing

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Pregnant Belly Piercing - Navel Piercing

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Pregnant woman with stretched belly-button piercing

If you have a bellybutton piercing and become pregnant, all you need is a special ring or barbell (longer and flexible) called a "pregnancy belly ring". But you should not get any new piercing while pregnant because of the risks of infection.

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Photo taken on May 4, 2008
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I know right!? People can be so ignorant. By the looks of it, she obviously had the belly ring a good deal of time before she got pregnant. It looks completely healed and healthy. Secondly, saying "it could harm the baby" or "you wouldn't put a piercing before the welfare of your child" sounds irrevocably stupid and is equivalent to saying, "pinching a bit of flesh on your belly (with your fingers) could be harmful to the baby"; you see how idiotic that sounds? As long as she keeps her skin moisturized, something pregnant women should do religiously, she'll be right as rain! She works to tighten that belly after the baby comes and Presto! She got her sexy back! :P The only thing that bothers me is the bottom sticker gem because it's not center, who put that on!? Other than that, cuuuuuute! =D ~19 w/ belly ring and I'm definitely keeping mine when I'm pregnant! Who wants to pay to get a new one and have to reopen a completely healed hole!? Not I! Besides, I think it will look cute!
Idiots, nobody says that this looks good NOW, she just keeps it so she won't have to do it again after the pregnancy. And how the hell can she lose the baby because of the piercing? God.
My sister did not take out here belly ring when she was pregnant. (she did not have a "pregnant piercing" either). So when she got the baby, the hole was stretched. but as i said, she did not change the piercing, so she did not have a piercing like her at the picture.
you people are stupid! it wont harm the baby its just a peirce of skin, and its not inside her stomach -______________________________________-
Personally I don't think it looks attractive but this lady likes it so let her be, the pearcing is pearced in the skin not thew the belly u dumbwitts, as the belly grows so does the skin the belly bar would have no contact with the baby! The real risks are infection or tearing which could happen pregnant or not. When u can find a common case of this harming a baby then ur opinions will be valued!
As long as the wearer of the piercing has proper anatomy and the piercing is fully healed (with the insertion of longer jewelry), there is literally NOTHING that will hurt the baby or the mother when it comes to keeping your bell button piercing in. Once a piercing is healed, it is very difficult for infection to happen unless the bar gets ripped, torn, AND you don't take precautions to prevent infection when that happens. For those saying that it is a "sin"... go shove your religious views down people's throats somewhere else. Not all of us have the same religious beliefs. For those of you saying, "I am a professional piercer".... anyone could go on the internet and claim that they're a professional piercer or tattoo artist. (Piercing yourself and others from your house does not mean you know what you're doing... and I've also been to PLENTY of piercers that knew fuck all about what they were doing). AND one last thing... for those saying this is "disgusting" and that this woman needs to "get her head checked".... what the fuck are you talking about? This woman is pregnant. She needs to get her head checked for deciding to have a child? She needs to get her head checked for having a piercing BEFORE she got pregnant and deciding to keep it in so the piercing doesn't close while she's pregnant? People that think that this woman is crazy because of that are sheep. Closed minded sheep. P.S maybe she kept the piercing in because she is actually MORE LIKELY to get an infection from taking the piercing out than she would if she kept it in? A healing piercing wound is just like a brand new piercing and have to be treated the same way (extensive cleaning, taking care of it, etc). Just words for thought. (But good job on proving that a lot of you are ignorant and don't know SHIT about pregnancy or piercings.)
Ok So I am a mother and I had my belly ring in for a long time before I had my daughter and if you do have a longer belly ring you more than likely can get away with having it the whole pregnacy some women there bellys get to tight and it can rip but the person will know if they need to take it out. As long as you had the pericing before the pregnacy your fine cause once the inside of a pericing is healed it cant get infected. Also if you have had you belly periced as long as I have at least over a a year then you should be safe to have it out for 2 or 3 months then take a clean belly ring once you have had the baby and just push it threw the hole and some white puss will come out and then you will have it all the way threw again.
Alright guys, calm down. Seriously, you people are blowing up about one of the most common things seen nowadays. No. it's NOT a sin, it won't harm the baby WHATSOEVER if she had it done before she got pregnant, and it is her body so it is her choice! I am a nurse and I am also pregnant with my belly button ring still in. If you get a maternity belly button ring it's fine! Having a bar in doesn't affect the baby growing inside at all. And Heather, well said!! I agree completely!
all of you are soo stupid "she should thing for her baby" first the belly piercing has nothing to do with her baby is not inside isit .. is on just a piece of skin and cant do nothing bad to the baby secondly , she wants to keep it for after i guess why does she need to do it again wen she has it already ....... retarded people
Honestly, most of you on here know absolutely nothing about piercings or pregnancy. Firstly, having a bellybutton ring in during pregnancy WILL NOT affect the health of the mother or baby. PERIOD. For all of you fucktards who think you know some shit... SHUT THE FUCK UP. The only possible thing that could happen is stretching of the hole where her piercing is. It would stretch probably become a little ugly -- but that almost never happens. Also, depending on how long she's had the piercing, will determine whether or not something like that happens. Secondly, why in hell would you pay for a piercing, just to take it out? I pay quite a bit of money to have a professional do my piercings correctly. Unless my piercings falls out & closes too soon, I will NOT take any of them out on my own. Why would you waste money? Thirdly, "Dr. Shapiro", please let me know where you got your degree! Ahahaha because you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. So, go somewhere else... along with the rest of the dumb twits on this page that are blurting out false information. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing & so is body modification. If you don't like it, then don't make a comment. I'm sure this woman (or any other pregnant female with a bellybutton ring) doesn't care what you think of them. Keep your rude fucking comments to your idiotic selves (: have a fantastic day!
Even though they say it's harmless their are ways it can be dangerous! Like it getting ripped out and getting infected! I'm sorry but no piece of medal will ever come before my child's welfare!
it looks kinda wrong to me....i wont buy the idea!
i think its cute when i get pergnant im not going to take out my belly ring
I am a Professional Piercing Artist If you are pregnant Take your belly ring out because sometimes the skin will rip or the ring will cause the skin to stretch improperly leaving a nasty scar
you guys are dickheads... having your belly button peirced is cute... being pregnant is a gorgeous wonderful thing! why should she take her belly bar out? i know i wont when i have kids and plus it does not affect the baby at all! if she got is pierced during her pregnancy then yeah shout at her all you like?! that could harm her baby but just wearing a bar does absolutely nothing wrong! She has a beautiful bump and i hope her pregnancy went well and she has a beautiful child in her life :)
right people on here commenting saying this will do something to the baby when it wont. they need to know what they talking about before they comment with negative comments.
this is so cute to me. pregant bellies are cute. so all the people with negative comments needs to shut up!!! its here belly and her baby. and you dont even know.she might had this belly piercing before she even got pregnant .so everbody just needs to stop judging her!!!!!!!!!
Eww Im Sorry But This Is A Big Turn Off And Pluse She Can Loose Her Baby By Haveing This Piracing On . . . She Has To Be Verry Careful With This On . . Im Happy That She Having A Baby But This Is A Big Turn Off Im Sorry Her Belly Is Cute Enough But The Piercing Is Killing The Look . !
I hope she knows that can get infected she should have taken it out
I'm kind of scared....
I think this is a beautiful pic. I hope she is happy with her baby.
this is scary looking........
AWW this photoeis so cute and I am happy for this women that she is so comfortable with her body to have a belly button piercing and show it off :)
Not saying she can't have it done, or that its wrong in anyway to have it done, just cuz she's pregnant shouldn't stop her from wearing her piercings, but I don't personally find that attractive
I agree that all of these people are stupid and closed minded! I think pregnant bellies are gorgeous and the piercings and anchors look great! As a RN, midwife and doula there is no risk to her or the baby so long as she doesn't get it done DURING pregnancy and so long as you take care of yourself afterward your stomach can most certainly be sexy again! I approve! ;) And i also agree that these people do not understand the concept of pregnancy/what it does to the body or the lifestyle of piercings! People need to shut their ignorant mouths!
Plastic is more prone to infection. Surgical steel is safer. You obviously don't know anything about piercings.
haters!!! u guys wish urs could look like her if u were prego
first is tht a sin?!?!? the wound isnt open so it wont hurt either of them...if yu wrote tht yu obviously dont a hve a navel piercing..i do and nothing can happened to yu once yur navel heals....if yu getpregnant yu can choose to tayk it out or get a longer barbell...jeez peopl
pregnant lady,s should not have the belly button done at all. she should think of the baby in side of her.
I have the same percing, for almost 10 years now, since i've had to kids, at one I took it off, and the not... it didn't change a thing. The hole is still here. Of course, it has changed a little, but it's not dangerous at all. Why would it be? I can be fat and have the piercing done, so why a pregnant women couldn't keep it?
It is NOT dangerous to the baby OR the mother unless she got it pierced DURING pregnancy. And yeah the belly doesnt go back to the same thing after the baby if you dont work at it, but there are plenty of women who care about themselves and their appearance that get back in shape. You closed minded people are absolutely disgusting. I'm sure she doesnt think it looks super cute, but if she desnt leave it in the hole will close and then shes left with a scar. Think about it before you lash out.
14 and pregnant, that doesn't seem right.
wow thats krazieee , im 14 & preggo & have it periced
you can get pregnancy belly rings, the barbell is much longer.
gross!!! i think she needs to get her head checked....once you have a baby it nevers goes back to the way it used to be!!!
I think its cool how she left it in through out her pregnancy & the belly ring doesn't affect the baby.. it might cause damage to the mom.. Read up on it more before talking..
that's a sin. she should have taken it out, it mighten be dangerous to her baby, but it's very dangerous to her, if she doesn't take it out before she gives birth..
all the people saying bad thing about this are totally retarted and dont know anything about being preg or piercings. No her skin wont tare. She has in a belly bar that is ment for preg bellys.And its not gross. its a life style. If you dont like it keep your damn mouths shut.
omg....what the f@%$ is wrong with you what if she wants to leave her belly piercing in.Its not hurting anyone is it??Doesnt make someone a less of a mother or anything just because she decides to leave it in. grow up
I think you have a very pretty belly and i keep mine in the whole time with both of my kids and mine looks good still!! people on this page are just talking shit cause they know you have a beautiful belly :-)
> what is the other things on exactly ? they are called "bindis". it's body jewelry glued to the skin. very popular in india.
ilove being preg. and lookingat my belly my baby will have freckles:L iloveit!
i think that a pregnant women is very beautiful and strong! half of you people on this page wouldnt have the courage to get your pic taken when you are that big! she should be able to wear that piercing whenever she wants! it goes no where near the baby!! Personally... i wanna say good for you and your baby will be proud!!!
nothing special would have happened. but it's ok to keep the piercing if she likes to keep it. they make special rings called "pregnancy rings" that are larger to accomodate the stretching of the skin.
She could not have removed the piercings? What would have happened if she had the piercings removed?
You're child's going to be embarrassed when it sees this.
omfg what the hell are you on god!
this makes me scared to get pregnant. verry unattracive
I know it had nothing to do with the baby but that is very unattractive in my opinion.
A navel piercing has nothing to do with the health of a baby, it goes no where near it.
really? why is that?
That is VERY bad health for your baby.