Puppies in Cage

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Puppies in Cage

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Puppies for sale on the market (Cao Bằng, Vietnam)

The nearby market shop was selling dog meat (a delicacy in Vietnam). Therefore I think those puppies will be raised into adult dogs and when they are adult, they will eventually become "food dogs", not pets, i.e. dogs that are eaten as meat (e.g. just like piglets).

I did not include the photos of dog meat shops in my Vietnam Set, but you can see them in my photo-documentary about eating dog meat for dinner that I also took in Vietnam: "Thịt chó" means eating a (hot) dog - literally. But be advised that those are very GRAPHIC photos and not advised for children.

This photo is part of a series called Thịt chó: eating a (hot) dog. A lots of interesting comments and reactions have been posted on the various photo sites where this series has been published.

Date & GPS location
Photo taken on November 22, 2005
34, Cao Bang, Vietnam
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should people just respect the Western culture then? Is it the only one acceptable? Then you say you are superior because you have pork chicken and beef at your disposal? It's not like that all over the world. Grow up.
ToIfearnoman: You should be ashamed of yourself to say that a puppy is no different from any other animal because they are they are much cuter and loving. they also love to cuddle
Look on it dude. They are 100% more cute. But also they are A humans best frind. NOT MEAT.
Even though this is an old post, I just want to say cows do not cause global warming. The unregulated, over crowded and wasteful meat industry is what causes global warming. They over breed the cows for their meat, more cows then are actually needed to feed the human race. If the meat industry was responsible & the people who consume meat were also responsible then there would not be a problem of over breeding, and for the poor cows, overcrowding. Humans cause a large amount of pollution with there gs too, not to mention pretty much everything we do every single day has negative effects on the environment... As well swine flu is not caused by pigs. How can you be outraged about something while using points that are not valid and/or logical? That is no way to make a stand about anything, and leaving uneducated, hollow comments are not going to help those puppies, or global warming. I love all animals too, but it does not matter if the animal is a human, a dog, or a cow, we are all equal, and blaming cows and pins for global warming is ridiculous.
Why would eating a dog be any different from any other animal. I personally don't eat animals, but I don't see how a dog, is seen as any different than a pig, or cow. People from different backgrounds do things that are inherited from their ancestors. People eat to live.
Наслышан, но раньше не видел! Это дикость! Неужели нельзя найти альтернативу??? Бог всё видит!((( I've heard, but had not seen before! This savagery! Can not find an alternative? " God sees everything! "(((
that is so sad i feel bad for them
No DOgs are smarter than most animals...When I looked up dog meat I was worried and was crying for 3 months because I love dogs...WHo cares about pigs and cows..COws cause global warming when they pass gas and pigs caused the swine flu Next time a natural diaster comes....I hope all the dogs run away and the people who eat dogs dont ssurvive I mean come on a puppy..Have people ever heard of fish or crabs
thats so sad........who would do that to puppy...............
how could they?
hahah you don't hav common sense! Puppies or dogs or cats should not kill! XP
YEAH that's right they're poor. that's why when i grow up i'll be a good president that don't lyk ppl killing dogs or animals should not kill.
DAMN !! xp
Thats... Thats so sad... D'8 Poor dogs....
Man why would someone go to hell for eating dog?Also what about cows and pigs?Pigs are way smarter then dogs yet we eat them all the fucking time with little to now remorse.They can eat dog all they want I say.I have a black lab I would like to fry about now personally.He is fat plump and ripe for the picking atm.