Selfie with Palindo Megalith - Bada Valley

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Selfie with Palindo Megalith - Bada Valley

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Selfie with Palindo megalith - Bada valley, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia.

This megalithic statue is about 4m high.

The megaliths of Bada valley are either male or female, and their genitals are clearly visible. This one is clearly male!.

Palindo (The Entertainer). The largest statue in the area and the most celebrated, it is situated south of the tiny village of Sepe. It is perhaps a representation of Sepe's first mythological inhabitant, Tosaloge. A local legend tells of the Raja of Luwu, who once ordered 1800 of his subjects to move the statue from Sepe to Palopo (a very long way to the south) to prove his dominance over Bada, but the effort failed. The statue was said to originally face Luwu in the south, but the Bada people turned it to face the west as a snub to the King (in Indonesia call it Raja), and when the Raja's followers tried to turn it back, it fell onto its side, killing 200 of them. In the past, offerings were brought to this figure before embarking on any new enterprise, such as opening up a new garden. Whatever the legends, it's a wonderfully atmospheric sight.

Bada Valley or Napu Valley, located in the Lore Lindu National Park in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, contains hundreds of megaliths going back to the 14th century that are called watu ("stone") in the local Badaic languages and arca ("statue") in Indonesian. The purpose of the megaliths and their builders are unknown.

More info about the Bada valley megaliths:

Date & GPS location
Photo taken on March 4, 2016
Pada, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
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