Total Solar Eclipse - Sun's Corona - March 9 2016 - Indonesia

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Total Solar Eclipse - Sun's Corona - March 9 2016 - Indonesia

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This is a photo of the total solar eclipse of March 9 2016, that I took in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The whitish hair-like structure around the sun is called the "corona", and it is formed by the hot gas particles (plasma) ejected by the sun into space (eventually forming the "solar wind").

I used a regular DSLR camera (Sony A65) with a 300mm telephoto. No filter needed since this was taken during the moment of "totality", when it is safe to look at the sun with the naked eyes.

During the totality, I took several photos with different exposure settings.

Initially I just processed this photo and this other one (both are single exposure).

Later, I processed all the good exposures I had to make an amazing image of this total solar eclipse.

Date & GPS location
Photo taken on March 9, 2016
Unnamed Road, Pulau Dua, Balantak Utara, Kabupaten Banggai, Sulawesi Tengah 94773, Indonesia
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