lux - 10 photos


Photos of my friend Lux (San Francisco)

beautiful green eye, close up, eye color, eyelashes, green eye, iris, left eye, makeup, mascara, woman
fashion shot - lux, bandana, esthetic suicide, fashion, green eyed, green eyes, hair clip, red hair, woman
lux - safety pins - fashion, lovevolution, safety pins, woman
piercing - nose bridge, barbell, bridge of the nose, eyelashes, eyes, lovevolution, makeup, nose bridge piercing, nose piercing, shaved eyebrows, woman
kiss on the cheek, kiss, lovevolution, man, woman
purple hair and eye makeup, lovevolution, necklaces, nose piercing, pink, shaved eyebrows, woman
lux and penny, night, raver outfits, ravers
lux and penny, night, raver outfits, ravers
raver - purple and black - woman dancing, dancing, night, raver outfits
purple raver - lux, dancing, night, raver outfits