Piercing - Nose Bridge

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Piercing - Nose Bridge

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Nose bridge piercing and beautiful eyes and make-up. This is my friend Lux Rose.

Photo taken at the San Francisco LoveFest 2007.

Date & GPS location
Photo taken on September 29, 2007
Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA
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I'm so getting that ! Wait is there a specific age ?
lovee it! i hopee to look like herr someday in the nextt 5 yearss!:D
It wasn't that painful, and it was actually completely straight. I was fortunate to have a great piercer. I've since taken it out, but it was one of my favorite piercings! As for my eyebrows, they have since found their way back onto my face :P
I was going to get that today... but unfortunately the bridge of my nose is too wide and it wouldn't have healed properly. I was extremely disappointed. It would have looked fantastic on my. soooo I got my nose nostril pierced instead. its amazing. And so is the make up and her eyes.
That looks awfully painful. But adorable.
yo I just got this done today, like 3 hours ago. It dosen't hurt.
Wow how do you do your make-up like that??
nosie is very good your eyes very lovely ilike it good .........................
maby a side were you can see how it looks like, to have a , maby tribal piercing at the start at the nostril. I would be happy for the help:)
could i see you in real life some day you veryhot girl with nose bridge? by the way, could someone please answer how youcan see a low nose bridge, maby tribal on the internet please? please