body jewelry (6 photos)

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nose and lip piercing, body jewelry, color pasties, color polka dots, devin, lip piercing, nose piercing, rainbow colors, rainbow pasties, rainbow polka dots, septum piercing, woman
nose and lip piercing
airbrush skull makeup - dia de los muertos - halloween (san francisco), airbrush stencil, body jewelry, day of the dead, dia de los muertos, ear piercing, face painting, facepaint, gauged ears, halloween, makeup, man, night, nose piercing, septum piercing, stretched earlobes
airbrush skull makeup, dia de los muertos, halloween, san francisco
navel piercing jewelry, belly button, belly piercing, belly ring, bellybutton piercing, body jewelry, jana d, navel piercing, navel ring, woman
navel piercing jewelry
nipple piercing with spike barbell, body jewelry, close up, nipple piercing, spike barbell, spiky barbell
nipple piercing with spike barbell
man with red beard - folsom street fair, bald, body jewelry, diablodivine, dusti cunningham, man, nose piercing, red beard, septum piercing, sunglasses
man with red beard, folsom street fair
face piercings and chains, body jewelry, chains, eyebrow piercing, fashion, lip piercing, man, night, nose chain, voodoo
face piercings and chains