goose neck (4 photos)

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bend of the alaknanda river - gooseneck (india), alaknanda river, bend, gooseneck, hills, india, mountains, river bed, terrace agriculture, terrace farming, terraced fields, valley, village
bend of the alaknanda river, gooseneck, india
rice fields - river goose-neck  - terrace farming - vietnam, agriculture, goose-neck, rice paddies, rice paddy fields, river, terrace farming, terraced fields, vietnam
rice fields, river goose-neck, terrace farming, vietnam
gooseneck of the colorado river near moab (utah), bend, colorado river, fisheye, gooseneck, moab, placemark, utah
gooseneck of the colorado river near moab, utah
gooseneck - chico river bend in the cordillera (philippines), chico river, chico valley, cordillera, gooseneck, loop, mountain, philippines, river bend, v-shaped valley
gooseneck, chico river bend in the cordillera, philippines