machete (4 photos)

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kid cutting coconut, borneo, coco, cutting, kid, knife, machete, malaysia, man, road, squatting
kid cutting coconut
bad airport screening - air travel safety, borneo, gunung mulu national park, knife, machete holder, malaysia, man, mulu airport, penan, security breach, security check, security checkpoint, selfie, selfportrait, weapon, x-ray machine
bad airport screening, air travel safety
fake blood halloween makeup - young blond woman (san francisco), bleeding, blonde, fake blood, halloween, knife, machete, makeup, red, special effects, stage blood, theatrical blood, woman, zombie
fake blood halloween makeup, young blond woman, san francisco
hindu man with machete, ceremony, hindu, hinduism, india, knife, la reunion, machete, reunion island, turban
hindu man with machete