manali (3 photos)

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old hindu woman with ear and nose piercing - gold earrings jewelry, cartilage piercing, ear piercings, ear rim piercing, earlobes, earrings, ears, gold rings, helix piercing, india, jewelry, manali, nose piercing, old woman, septum piercing
old hindu woman with ear and nose piercing, gold earrings jewelry
marijuana - cannabis grows like weed - manali (india), cannabis sativa, ganja, india, indian hemp, leaves, manali, plant, weed, wild cannabis
marijuana, cannabis grows like weed, manali, india
getting my cracked rack welded - manali (india), 500cc, bald tires, fixing, india, luggage rack, man, manali, mechanic, motorcycle touring, repairing, road, royal enfield bullet, tire stack, user tired, welder, welding torch, worker, working
getting my cracked rack welded, manali, india