spear (4 photos)

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native american feather costume, american indian costume, bay to breakers, black feathers, face painting, facepaint, feather headdress, feather necklace, footrace, makeup, native american costume, spear, street party, warrior, woman
native american feather costume
sikh devotees on cycle rickshaw - amritsar (india), amritsar, cycle rickshaw, india, men, nihang warriors, punjab, sikh, sikhism, spear, trike, wallah
sikh devotees on cycle rickshaw, amritsar, india
zeus - greek gods - ghostship halloween party on treasure island (san francisco), costume, ghostship 2009, god, goddess, goddesses, greek, halloween, lightning, man, party, roman, spear, togas, woman, zeus
zeus, greek gods
sikh guard with spear at the golden temple - amritsar (india), amritsar, golden temple, guard, guardian, gurdwara, india, man, punjab, sikh, sikhism, spear
sikh guard with spear at the golden temple, amritsar, india