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colorful cotton skeins in shop - darjeeling (india), colorful, darjeeling, india, man, merchant, rainbow colors, shop, skeins, standing, store, vendor, wool
colorful cotton skeins in shop, darjeeling, india
central bazar market - darjeeling (india), crowd, darjeeling, india, shops, stores, street seller
central bazar market, darjeeling, india
fruit store with hands of banana hanging - darjeeling (india), bananas, darjeeling, fruits, gorkhaland, india, shop, store, street seller, walking
fruit store with hands of banana hanging, darjeeling, india
heavily armed indian security forces - darjeeling (india), ak-47, akm, armed, assault weapons, automatic weapons, batons, canes, closed, darjeeling, fatigues, guns, india, indian army, insas rifles, men, military, shop, soldiers, store, uniform, woman
heavily armed indian security forces, darjeeling, india
goat head - meat market - darjeeling (india), butcher, chili, darjeeling, goat head, goat meat, india, meat market, meat shop, mutton, painted, pepper, raw meat, severed head, store, window
goat head, meat market, darjeeling, india
goat head in meat market - darjeeling (india), darjeeling, goat head, goat meat, india, meat market, meat shop, mutton, raw meat, severed head, singed, store
goat head in meat market, darjeeling, india
shoe stores display - darjeeling (india), darjeeling, india, merchant, selling, shoes, shop, store, street seller, vendor
shoe stores display, darjeeling, india
small vegetable store - farmers market (india), darjeeling, farmers market, india, produce, selling, shop, stall, store, street market, street seller, vegetables, women
small vegetable store, farmers market, india
dry fish market (india), bundled, bundles, darjeeling, dried fish, dry fish, fishes, india, shop, stall, store
dry fish market, india
dry fish market - darjeeling (india), bundled, bundles, darjeeling, dried fish, dry fish, eggs, fishes, india, man, merchant, shop, stall, store, vendor
dry fish market, darjeeling, india
shop in small blue house - kathmandu (nepal), blue house, cloth, colorful, kathmandu, shop, store
shop in small blue house, kathmandu, nepal
shop selling herbal mehndi (delhi), cones, delhi, dye, green bags, henna paste, herbal mehndi, india, man, merchant, selling, shop, store, supplies, vendor
shop selling herbal mehndi, delhi
gauge shop (india), delhi, india, man, merchant, pressure gauges, shop, sitting, store, vendor
gauge shop, india
electric motors repair shop (india), electric motors, india, lucknow, repairing, repairman, rewiring, shop, store, wiring
electric motors repair shop, india
street vendor - shop along train tracks, fruit cart, fruits, india, railroad tracks, railway, selling, shanty house, shop, shopping, single story house, store, street seller, street vendor, village
street vendor, shop along train tracks
young men drinking chai, chai, delhi, drinking, india, men, milk tea, paharganj, sitting, spice tea, store, wooden ladder
young men drinking chai
cotton stores in paharganj (delhi, india), building, cotton stores, delhi, dilapidated, handloom store, india, khurana handloom & cotton store, ladders, paharganj, sanjay cotton store, shops
cotton stores in paharganj, delhi, india
roofs of dilapidated shops, attic, building, climbing, cotton stores, delhi, dilapidated, handloom store, india, khurana handloom & cotton store, man, paharganj, pandit handloom & cotton store, roof, shelters, wooden ladders
roofs of dilapidated shops
used eyeglasses street seller (yogyakarta), eyeglasses, eyewear, hanging, indonesia, jogja, prescription glasses, shop, spectacles, store, yogyakarta
used eyeglasses street seller, yogyakarta
bra shop merchant - yogyakarta, bras, indonesia, jogja, lingerie, mask, merchant, shop, store, vendor, woman, yogyakarta, zombie
bra shop merchant, yogyakarta
bulk nuts shop, bulk, cloves, delhi, dried fruits, food market, india, nuts, pepper, peppercorns, shop, stall, store, turmeric roots
bulk nuts shop
areca nuts (betelnut) bulk shop - delhi (india), areca nuts, bags, betel leaf, betel nuts, betel quids, india, shop, store
areca nuts (betelnut) bulk shop, delhi, india
saree shop (india), cloth, colorful, india, man, sanawad, sarees, saris, shop, sitting, store
saree shop, india
sari shop - delhi (india), cloth, delhi, india, merchant, night, sarees, saris, shop, store, vendor
sari shop, delhi, india
cloth store - street - delhi (india), bazar, cloth, delhi, fabric, india, night, shop, store
cloth store, street, delhi, india
cloth store - bazar - delhi (india), bazar, cloth, clothing store, delhi, india, men, street market, street seller
cloth store, bazar, delhi, india
cloth stores - street bazar - delhi (india), bazar, cloth, delhi, india, shop, stores
cloth stores, street bazar, delhi, india
glass jars shop (hanoi), boy, child, glass jars, hanoi, kid, shop, store, street market, street seller, vietnam
glass jars shop, hanoi
wedding rings and ropes - hardware store - thailand, hardware, jewelry, marriage, ropes, shop, store, thailand, tied, wedding rings
wedding rings and ropes, hardware store, thailand
hindu chain merchant in his chains store (india), almora, chains, hardware, hindu, india, knitcap, man, merchant, scarf, shop, store, tilak
hindu chain merchant in his chains store, india
store dummies look unhappy (india), almora, clothing store, cloths, dress, dresses, embroidered, india, shop, store dummies
store dummies look unhappy, india
dentist shop (india), almora, cabinet, dentist, india, shop, store
dentist shop, india
pressure gauge shop - delhi (india), delhi, india, men, pressure gauges, shop, store
pressure gauge shop, delhi, india
the price of rice - delhi (india), bags, bulk, delhi, india, price, rice, shop, store
the price of rice, delhi, india
reflections (haight street, san francisco, california), haight street, mannequin, shop, store dummies, store window
reflections, haight street, san francisco, california
big drum - vietnam, big drum, giant drum, hanoi, men, music, musical instrument, percussion, shop, store, vietnam
big drum, vietnam
emen - stove and pipe - store (bulgaria), emen canyon, store, stove pipe, еменски каньон
emen, stove and pipe, store, bulgaria